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Understanding, empathy and commercial application

Research results that work

Expressions Ethos

Expressions qualifications can be best judged by the standard of our client base.We work for some of the most sophisticated marketers and creative agencies in Europe.

Expressions specialises in innovative qualitative research to equip clients, enabling them ti make creative decisions. Our approach is aimed at providing actionable recommendations based on a thorough understanding of consumer dynamics and attitudes. We can offer extensive research and planning experience built up by working in a wide variety of markets and having been employed in marketing, advertising and new product development environments.

We are not trying to invent new techniques or indulge ourselves. We’ve been trusted to work with some great brands and we’ve been doing qualitative research for over 20 years….

Our Clients


We have been trusted to work with some great brands:

Building brands literally from the kitchen table – New Covent Garden

Reinventing and rejuvenating old brands – Babycham and Poligrip

Designing new logos – Cuprinol, nPower

Understanding consumer motivations, abilities and disabilities – Laphroaig, Stroke Association

Here are a few brands we have worked with recently:

member photo


member photo

Walkers Midshire Foods

member photo

Yankee Candle

member photo

Footman James

member photo

Empire World Trade

member photo


member photo

Uncle Bens

member photo


member photo


member photo


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member photo


member photo

The Wildlife Trusts

member photo


member photo


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member photo

Seeds of Change

member photo


member photo


member photo


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Lyons Seafoods

member photo

Teacher's Blended Scotch Whisky

member photo

The Stroke Association

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Our Approach


We’ve been doing qualitative research for over 20 years..

We begin by understanding you:

Your objectives and constraints

Your competitive circumstances

Your brand

Your vision


We then suggest the most appropriate approach:

Group discussion – large or small

In-depth discussions short or long

Even a quantitative solution if it’s more appropriate!


We have experience of most qualitative techniques including; psycho drama, hypnosis and brand modelling that involves plasticine:

It comes down to experience

What we do and how we do it depends on what you aims are


We are not trying to invent new techniques or indulge ourselves, they may not always be fashionable but:

We work online to build forums and discussions

Mobile discussions and interviews for shopping related issues


We exploit technology when it contributes not because we can….





Julian set up Expressions to provide a real need for a disciplined and professional approach to qualitative research.


Julian had a blue chip marketing apprenticeship working for Cadburys learning basic marketing and research skills as well as company constraints and product issues. He followed his interest in advertising and spent six years working in three top 20 London agencies before starting Expressions where he used the combined experience to provide a new dimension to qualitative research, drawing on agency experience to develop brand planning.


He has been a full member of the MRS for 20 years and a member of the AQR.


Additional Resources


Some projects need more man or woman power:

Due to deadlines

Size and scope

Because you can’t be in two places at once


When the task demands more people, Julian will team up with experienced colleagues chosen for their suitability to the project.


See Expressions Works

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Expressions Brand Planning, LG1 Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AT


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If you would care to discuss any research issue whether or not it may end up as a project please contact Julian today.